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Changing the way we do EDUCATION!

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GENESIS Learning Services

GENESIS Learning Services

Our mission is to change the way we do education through targeted, individualized, customized plans based students data and overall community support. 

Founding Principles and Core Values

In partnership with parents, GENESIS pledges to integrate these values, not only in our policies but also in our daily lives.


As leaders, we know our value. We recognize the importance of ethical behavior and exhibit both their values and ethics in our leadership style and actions. We will display leadership ethics and values every single day. We will lead by example.


Character requires that we display positive character traits in every area of our lives. People should see me as a role model, through exhibiting respect for myself, others and anyone that I come into contact with.


Respect for ourselves and others is fundamental. When we respect others, we treat them with honesty and integrity, welcome their differences, and celebrate an open and creative discourse. When we respect ourselves, we commit to a moral and honorable life.


Responsibility requires that we do our best in all that we undertake. We have an obligation to ourselves to fulfill our own potentials, we have an obligation to others to fulfill the commitments that we have made, and we have an obligation to ourselves to lead lives of meaning and purpose.


We seek excellence in all that we undertake, setting goals and achieving them, constant in our commitment to moral behavior. Excellence is a product of diligence and persistence, risk and sacrifice; we celebrate our successes and those of others.

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CommUNITY Partners

Student Internships

Meeting students where they are and supporting future goals now is a goal of GENESIS Learning Services.  We realize that we can not do this alone and have sought out amazing support from our commUNITY.  

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small business, your partnership will help our students achieve their dreams and goals. Our team will work with you to develop a customized partnership program that fits your brand and business culture. 

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