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Our Academics

GENESIS Learning Services is a positive and stimulating environment for students in pre-kindergarten through the twelfth grade. We believe that the foundations for a child’s educational experience are developed and molded during the early years.  We further believe that all students can learn at a high level IF in the right learning environment.  In order for students to thrive, an emotional and physical environment must be in place for students to take risk and learn from their mistakes.  GENESIS offers small class learning where there are few distractions and more one one one or small group support.

Our VIP Program, GENESIS Preparatory Academy seeks to educate the whole child by focusing not only on each child’s academic development but also on his or her physical and social-emotional development. Each component of the day is designed to help students grow in each of these areas.

GENESIS Preparatory Academy

GENESIS Preparatory Academy is a PreK - 12th private school designed for student mastery. As students explore the complexity and diversity of the world through academics, they will also be exposed to entrepreneuralship, foreign languages, and college and career readiness. Students explore curricular content through integrated and hands-on fundamental skills that are emphasized throughout the curriculum. Through this approach we seek to develop enthusiastic, joyful, and disciplined life-long learners.

Cameron's CommUNITY

 Cameron’s commUNITY is a program to honor one of our first students in our SAT/ACT Test Prep program with special needs.  This is a collaborative program engaging community support and awareness of job training programs to support school transition and training for students with special needs.  With the inclusion of community engagement, it is our hope that the UNITY in collaboration will spark continued support to sustain future efforts and success of the students we serve.


The SAT, ACT, and other college placement exams are some of the most grueling tests, but your student shouldn’t fear them or feel like they must face the challenge alone. The test prep experience does not have to be stressful either; it can actually be enjoyable.

With our friendly and experienced guidance, any student can learn the content – not just the correct answers – in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. As a bonus, efficiently prepping for these tests will help your student review and retain the information they’ve learned throughout their entire high school careers, helping them prepare for a successful transition to college.

iTeach uTeach University

The iTeach uTeach curriculum gives scholars ages 3 to 5 years a consistent instructional process that provides scaffolding and allows them to feel confident in their work and learning all summer long.


iTeach uTeach is a research based, proven 26 day rigorous introduction to all 26 letters, sounds, and sight words. This program is a collaboration between home and school.  Your child will be reading at the end of the 26 day period.


Students are rarely, if ever, afforded a teacher’s undivided attention in the classroom. Sometimes a lesson’s meaning will get lost in translation, and teachers can’t always address each students’ needs within their allotted time.

With our subject-specific tutoring and homework help services, your student won’t fall through the cracks. We will keep them on track and excited about learning with customized lesson plans that will not only help them to comprehend the material and finish assignments on time, but also become better students in the process.


Workshops are a year round activity to provide resources and development to the community at no charge.

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