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iPad, iPhone…….No iPlay

Who run the world?


Who run the world?


Well, I would choose to differ considering the growing number of heads down phones up, especially in the youngest population of students.

What runs the world?...I know, I know ELA teachers…just go with it for the moment!


What runs the world?


You take a road trip, pop in a DVD.

You want quiet time at a restaurant, pull out the tablet.

You want them occupied in the store, watch a movie on the phone.

You want them sitting in church, pull out the iPad.

Teachers have a growing concern that the rise of touchscreen devices means more children are starting school not ready to learn handwriting. The culprit to this demise in dexterity, sleep issues, social behavior, and comprehension…touchscreen devices such as tablets, iPads, and smartphones.

In general, students are spending less time in the ancient play of playdough, crafty with paper, puzzles, and Army men for more screen time and swiping. Students who spend too much time on touchscreens do not develop the fine motor skills they need when it comes time to learn to write. The critical need for the development of those fine motor skills are compromised as witnessed in the inability to hold scissors, tie shoelaces or even using cutlery.

So, what should we do?

As educators, we should embed more hands-on activities throughout the day. Modelling with playdough, crafting with scissors, beads and glue are excellent for building finger strength. In short, incorporate iPlay! iPlay with puzzles, iPlay with clay, iPlay with building blocks, and iPlay with crafts.

Can iPlay with you today?

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