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Time IS On Your Side

It is a precious commodity that many claim they need more of. We have at times wished for more of it. If it could be purchased, many would try to buy more of it. What is it, you ask? Time. We have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 52 weeks in a year. This gives us 8,760 hours in a year yet many times we find ourselves wondering where the time went. Our child begins elementary school, time moves on, and they begin middle school, time moves on, and they are in high school and headed to college. Time…where did it go?

The transition from elementary to middle to high school to college can be a challenge for some students. The biggest change between elementary school and middle school is going from having one teacher for the core subjects to a teacher for each of the core classes plus the connections/specials teachers and extracurricular activities. Each teacher has their own expectations for their class. There are due dates for assignments and projects and students will need to be able to keep track of these dates. Let’s look at some ways to help students manage their time and stay on top of class schedules, extracurriculars, and assignments. Time…where did it go?

Surprisingly, or not, many students in middle school have cell phones. These cell phones have calendars that may be used to help keep track of due dates for special assignments, projects, and daily assignments. Students use their phones to text, play games, watch their favorite shows, and occasionally talk. Yet, few of them consider using the calendar already installed on their phones to manage their time. There is usually an option to set reminders of due dates. There are also several calendar templates that can be printed for free. Parents, take a few minutes to discuss this option with your middle school or high school child.

If the calendar options do not bode well with your child you can try making “to do” lists. I like to make lists especially when I have a lot of tasks to complete in a short period of time. Simply jot down the tasks that need to be completed and check them off as you complete each one. You can make the list as simple or as detailed as your child prefers. The list serves as a visual reminder of the tasks to be completed and your child’s progress on each one.

Regardless of which option you choose, it is very important to prioritize major projects, assignments, and tests/quizzes. Encourage your child to plan enough time to work on these projects well in advance of the due date. If your child knows that the Chemistry project will take them more time to complete, encourage them to begin working on it early. Time really can be on our side. We must prioritize and work within the time we are given. Yes, time is on our side!

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