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Things you need to know before you start homework!

Tips for Stress-Free Homework

How to help your child handle the work at home

Helping children manage the demands of homework efficiently for maximum educational benefit is a concern of the multitudes. Homework is an essential part in the learning process. GENESIS is Giving Guidance to support you during homework time.

Tip 1: Create a chosen area free of distractions.

Help your child get in the zone with a chosen quiet place to complete homework

nightly. Stock this area with necessary supplies for completion. Bedrooms tend to be more distracting due to TV and toys being a stone

throw away. A kitchen table or dining room may be the best are.

Tip 2: Establish a consistent study time.

While some like to come straight home and complete homework immediately

afterschool, others need time to unwind. Decide what works best for your child.

Whatever that time may be, keep it at that agreed upon time daily.

Tip 3: Motivate and Monitor

Often when there is a battle with homework, children don’t want to relive the fact

that they simply don’t get it. Soften the blow by creating an environment that

compels and draws them in. After all, what child turns down the opportunity to

eat pizza and learn fractions at the same time. Pizza is a GREAT manipulative

to learn fractions. Explore math in everyday life.

Does my family need help with homework?

  • My child struggles and my frustration set in.

  • I am stressed because my child resists homework time.

  • Our family environment is challenged due to ADHD issues.

  • My child responds differently to outside help.

  • We can never find homework due to organization.

  • My child can benefit from additional practice and review for test.

  • Our family is juggling multiple schedules, sports, and other activities.

  • If math makes you cringe, pass it on! Don’t pass down your thoughts to your child. Your child acquires your attitude around homework.

Having a less emotionally attached person can take a lot of stress out of the home.

If your family struggles during homework time, you are not by yourself. The purpose of this article is to provide tools to be utilized to make homework time a breeze. If you would like GENESIS help during this time, call (678) 519-3776.#homeworkhelp

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