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I recall walking through the halls of an area elementary school seeing a student I knew from a previous school. GENESIS had been contacted by the parent to intervene because his behaviors were impeding his learning. His teacher, the school’s administrator and the parents were overwhelmed, not knowing what else to do… or where to turn. We were delighted to be asked to serve in this capacity.

From there, several strategies were put into place. Immediately, we designed and implemented an educational program in which the student progressed toward academic and behavioral success, the teacher was able to meet the student’s educational needs, and the parent was put at ease and received fewer contacts. This was all due to self-awareness, goals setting, and leveled work. Several months later, as he saw me in the hall, I saw the biggest smile upon his face. He stopped me and said, “Hey Mrs. Blevins! I'm on green today! Are you coming to my class to see me? I did good on all my work. Ask my teacher.” Overjoyed with emotions and fighting back tears, I gave him a high five and said, “Yes, I will come and see you. I am glad you are doing well, and I am very proud of you.” He smiled and continued on to his destination.

This was one of those rare and confirming moments as an educator that you're in the right place. I made the hard decision to direct my career in a new and meaningful direction… to serve children by doing education differently. My decision was not only right… but validated. GENESIS represents a manifestation of my personal journey toward a purpose shared by many...providing quality services where students come first!

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