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Testing is done! Let’s have some FUN!

As school testing comes to an end, you may be wondering what should I do to keep the kiddos engaged in learning while having some fun. Now is the time to pull out those learning games you couldn't get to throughout the year. Or, take the learning outside while you"Learn on the Lawn". Whatever it is you choose to do, let your students know how proud you are of their accomplishments this term.

1. Celebrate Achievements

As the perfect motivator to do well, let students decide ways they can celebrate their hard work preparing for and after test day. Be certain to add in a field trip, movie day, or other off camp/out of the house activity.

If you had a theme-based testing period, the after reward could be reflective of that.

2. Reteach

Well, this one is not so fun, but well worth it! Go back and review standards students haven’t quite mastered. This will aid in them moving along successfully without any academic gaps. Even though testing is over, the goal is for students to master the content. Choose a few standards to work on and create a reteaching plan.

3. Enrich

If you are ahead of the game and mastered grade level content, push students on by having them work towards standards for the next grade. Challenge students through personalized learning task that require problem solving and strategic thinking. Students would also have fun learning theme-based lessons incorporating art, music, and snacks!

4. STEM into Spring

STEM activities have always been a big hit with students, and their most favorite STEM activity has got to be water bottle flipping. This activity fits well in a force and motion unit as students test different variables such as bottle size, bottle shape, and water level to see which bottle it best for water bottle flipping.

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