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All I want is for you to give it everything you’ve got. Seeing you successful and happy in life is my one desire. I know it’s easier said than done but I know you have more in you than you will ever know…YOU GOT THIS!

I know it seems like there’s always another homework assignment, project, quiz, or test to study or prepare. Just know…YOU GOT THIS!

I still want you to give it everything you’ve got. I know it gets challenging and you’re afraid to fail. That doesn’t change a thing in my mind that…YOU GOT THIS!

I want you to know there are no short cuts. I want you to take the long road and put in the work. Regardless of what you see, hear, say, or encounter, I want you to reach excellence instead of good enough. I know what you have been built with…YOU GOT THIS!

I want you to PUSH through the long nights of study, PUSH through the challenges, PUSH through the failures. PUSH through every force that tries to come against you. Come on CHAMP, YOU GOT THIS!

Everything that I’ve shared with you, is all I’ve learned from others. If you choose to take the challenge, you’ve done all I’ve ever want and knew that was in you. After all, I already know…YOU GOT THIS!

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